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Rev. Keith Parr


Keith is a Baptist Minister serving in south west London. Having spent over 20 years in various ministry posts in and around Coventry, he accepted the free transfer to Merseyside, serving in a town north of Liverpool, before more recently moving to be the minister of Earlsfield Baptist Church in south west London.. He gets excited over vision casting and asking awkward questions in meetings. His connection with Global Care started just after he gave his life to Christ, eventually becoming a Trustee five years ago.

When he is not preaching and teaching or being serially disappointed over his beloved Spurs (that’s the football team) or believing he is a great guitarist, he reads a ridiculous amount, and (when he can) disappears to Scotland to walk and write. But he is really happiest when drinking coffee and talking about Jesus, as the staff of numerous coffee shops in Earlsfield will testify.


Bible Reading Notes                       Mr Duncan Burton

Baptist Missionary Society 

                                Secretary           Mrs Zoe Adesuyan

                                Treasurer           Ms Doreen Dorman

Christian Aid

Christian Solidarity Worldwide         

Flowers Rota                                     Miss Benita Lambert

Gift Aid Secretary                             Mr Ben Williams          Health & Safety Officer                    Ms Doreen Dorman

Home Mission 

Leprosy Mission                               

Messenger/Newsletter                    Mrs Julie Davis


Rendezvous Club                             Mrs Dawn Smith     

Safeguarding Officers                      Ms Doreen Dorman

                                                           Mrs Lilli Perez

Blast! (Sunday School)                     Mrs Louise Gilmartin

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