Daily Prayer

"Our Loving Heavenly Father

We thank you for all the blessings you have given us in the past week.  We thank you for our health, for food and drink, for our homes, for our friends and families – so many things that we have taken for granted for so long but which we are coming to appreciate more and more.

We pray for those within our church family who have lost loved ones over the past few weeks and we pray for others known to us who are mourning at this time.  Please give them comfort.

We also remember those for who have reason to celebrate this week – some are celebrating birthdays and some may be celebrating other anniversaries – thank you that we can enjoy times of happiness and celebration.

Lord as we have recently experienced cold weather, snow, heavy rain and harsh winds, please be with those who have reason to be outside.  Some may be playing or walking or taking their hour of exercise but others may be driving or having to go out to work.  We know too that some people are living on the street – Lord please protect them.

Lord, once again, we ask you to be with those working in the medical profession and those receiving treatment for covid and for so many other ailments.  Thank you for the roll out programme of vaccination.

And Lord, in the wider world, we ask you to give wisdom to all politicians and people with power and control over the lives of others.  We also remember those being persecuted for their faith, those affected by war, famine, terrorist acts and accidents.  We thank you for charities who work in these difficult times in difficult circumstances.

Lord hear our prayers.


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